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                    Who can benefit?

Clients who want to

  • manage their emotional states better

  • have healthy stress response

  • move away from stress and towards equilibrium

  • have better sleeping habits

  • have improved digestion 

  • become non-smokers

  • loose weight and stick to healthier eating

Clients who want to

  • understand origins of their patterns of behaviour and thought processes 

  • and who are ready to look into their past and identify moments in their lives that have left an emotional blueprint on them. 


Clients who want to

  • do their personal best at specific events such as job interviews, sporting events, exams, competitions etc

Clients who want to

  • gain control of their thinking processes

  • be more self accepting, more self loving 

  • have healthy, strong self esteem and believe in their coping skills. 

  • gain deeper awareness of themselves and how they can positively impact world around them 

Sitting Meditation

Clients who want to

  • do well at unfamiliar life events such as giving birthflying, presentingpublic speaking etc

Children clients who want to

  • get rid of nocturnal enuresis 

  • get rid of nail biting habit

  • get rid of phobias and blocks



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