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Clinical Hypnotherapist - London College of Clinical Hypnosis

Certified Hypnotherapist - RTT School

RTT-Rapid Transformational Therapist - RTT School



Royal Society of Medicine UK

Slovak Chamber of Hypnotherapy

Affilliate member of British Society of Clinical Hypnosis


About Me

I am passionate a hypnotherapist keen to help as many people as possible to solve their problems and live lives with more contentment. I help people in self discovery of their inner resources so they can feel more resilient in trying times. Most importantly, I help people who want to help themselves. I help them with a little guidance. 


In my practice as hypnotherapist I combine my skills and knowledge gathered along the way in my career as hypnotherapist, nurse, English language teacher and from my Sociology degree. I qualified as a nurse in Slovakia where I originally come from. Subsequently I received BA Hons in Sociology from University of London UK and PGCE in Early Years Education from UCL - Institute of Education UK. My Language teaching experiences focused my attention on language use and patterns of communication. I realised two things: children strive more with more developed language; with wider vocabulary for identifying the world around them and for identifying their inner perceptions. Secondly, children are able to have more successful social interactions with more skilled patterns of communication. Same applies to adults. The most frequent communication we have in our lives is the communication with ourselves.

As a clinical hypnotherapist and RTT practitioner I help clients reframe their patterns of self communication that are not always beneficial. I help clients to identify limiting self perceptions and undesirable behavioural patterns and thus open the door to alternative perspectives and more aware lives.    

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