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 MindKrafting process 



                               MILTON ERICSSON

The process starts with Client's phone call inquiry.

First session is dedicated to detailed case history taking and to establishing a therapeutic goal. At the end of first session hypnotic relaxation is offered giving clients experience of how it feels to be in a hypnosis.  

                 Mindcrafting journey is deivided into three stages.


  1. Foundation. Through relaxation the foundations are layed.  1-2 sessions.

  2. Change stage. Varied hypnotherapeutic techniques are applied. The amount of sessions depends on the nature of the problem 1-6 sessions, if necessary more sessions.

  3. Maintanence. Once the required change has been achieved 1-2 sessions are dedicated to ensuring the maintenance of the change.

Clients are considered active agents in the process of change. Their active participation and dedication to their goal is a requirement


Mindcrafting offers clients 

  • non judgmental listening space

  • conversational techniques that stimulate gaining insights even outside of hypnosis work 

  • relaxation techniques that stimulate rest and digest nervous system, helping clients to move away from stress zone and to more balanced state 

  • clarification of aspects connected to client’s issue  

  • hypnotherapeutic approaches that help clients to 

    1. find resolution to their conflicting or limiting beliefs

    2. overcome mental and emotional blocks

    3. implement more beneficial patterns of behaviors

    4. increase the sense of self acceptance, self love and self esteem 

  • assistance in setting the right goals

  • guidance in reaching the goals    

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