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In the forest



After my spouse was abruptly diagnosed with cancer, and the illness upended our lives, I had struggled to go forward in life. I rely on antidepressants and regular exercise, and although making progress, I could never achieve inner peace. Marta spent time comprehending my state of mind and emotions, attentively listening, and putting my mind at ease before we began the real therapy session during my first session. The sessions helped me get to that point of serenity, acceptance, and harmony. The recording from Marta that came with it allowed me to listen at my own pace and time, restoring optimism and harmony to emotionally and psychologically release me. Marta's hypnosis has been one of the most uplifting and inspiring experiences of my life; I highly recommend it. I am very grateful to have met Marta and received support from her.

S. CH.

Thanks so much for your help. I did change my approach to money talk. I realised the value of my work. I don't feel bad now for charging for my services.


Marta's RTT session helped me to see that my perfectionist nature is connected to experiences in my childhood. I am now going to embrace being imperfect. Marta's voice in the recording was so soothing and so beautiful it. I listened to the recording for the full 21 days and still listen to it on occasion.

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