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Marta Wallace

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

MindKraft Hypnotherapy offers an informed, ethical form of hypnosis helping clients to resolve their challenges ​and evolve in a desirable way.

You already know what needs changing.


  • Work-life imbalance stress

  • Study pressure related stress  ​

  • Relationship stress 

  • ​Stress from challenging situation such a divorce, losing job, injury, illness etc.

  • Environmental stress including stress from
    moving to and from another country

  • Sleeping problems and insomnia


  • Exams​

  • Job Interviews​

  • Public Speaking​

  • Sport performance ​


  • Gut directed hypnotherapy


  • Bed wetting​

  • Nail Baiting​

  • Fears and phobias​

  • Anxieties​

  • Relationship issues​

I am here to help you

Hypnosis increases perception of choice and possibilities

thus creating an ever expanding life potential. 

Free  Consultation

Phone or Online


Online or In Person
  S$100  Per session


Online or In Person
S$80 Per session

Smoking cessation 

Phone or Online
S$250 Per session


 In Person
S$90  Per session


Webinars or small groups

Actively working towards your personal growth and

well-being is a definition of investing into yourself.

Mindkraft Approach 



PDCH - Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis  London College of Clinical Hypnosis

SCCH - Specialist Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis

London College of Clinical Hypnosis


Certified Hypnotherapist - RTT School


Practitioner of Rapid Transformational Therapist

- RTT School





British Society of Clinical Hypnosis MBSCH


Royal Society of Medicine UK


Slovak Chamber of Hypnotherapy



Mindkraft Hypnotherapy focuses on aligning conscious and subconscious mind, aiming to achieve a sense of balance and increased awareness. When consciousness and subconsciousness are aligned there is a sense of balance, contentment and harmony, despite unexpected life situations. In a more balanced conscious awareness we are able to accept what is beyond our control and we change what needs changing.


Change, even if consciously desired, is often not possible to attain due to habits and programs that took root in our being. I assist clients in the process of change. New suitable programs are identified by clients, planted in hypnosis and embedded into our neural circuitry by listening to audio-recordings and taking action.


Combination of hypnosis, hypno-drama, elements of NLP, CBT, regression, psychoanalytical approach, vibrational frequency raising, helps clients adopt to thought processes, behavioural and emotional patterns that enable them to live more fulfilling lives. Lives that they deserve.



Craft your mind - Evolve your life .

About Me

I was born and grew up in Slovakia and as 20 years old I moved to England. I worked and studied in London where I also met my husband with whom we have a lovely family with two amazing children.

I enjoy parenting and my children are expanding my understanding of how human mind works and how human mind shapes.


My initial experience with hypnotherapy was hypno-birthing. It allowed me to give two natural births without any complications and I can definitely recommend it to those desiring natural birth.


I took my first hypnotherapy course with the aim to support a family member who struggles with an addiction. I got fascinated by the subject and expanded my knowledge and experience with clinical hypnotherapy.


My prior professional experience infuses my hypnotherapy practice with experiences as a nurse, a sociologist, a preschool teacher and a language teacher.


In my practice I focus on Stress Management among other things. Why stress management? I believe that most of other issues evolve from not handling the stress response well. So many of us live with chronic stress and we don’t even know about it. We grow up in families with stress environment. We learn to live stressed lives and unless we become aware of our patterns, we continue living our programs until it’s too late. High blood pressure, heart problems, digestive issues, sleeping issues and insomnia, irritability, feelings of not being enough etc.


Hypnotherapy starts with relaxation and the deep level of relaxation is utilized for implementation of change.  Change is possible if that’s what you really want.

Allow me to be your guide in hypnosis so you can uncover your inner resources and achieve the change you want.

A goal without a date is just a dream.

                 Milton Ericsson

About Hypnotherapy


  • Hypnotherapy is conducted in hypnosis partially

  • In the conversational part, the therapist uses metamodeling - clients can come to realisations and solutions simply by thinking of the problem in different terms

  • In hypnosis client’s parasympathetic (the rest and digest) nervous system is activated 

  • When the parasympathetic system is tuned up, the sympathetic (fight, flight or freeze) system is tuned down

  • In hypnosis, clients are able to narrow down their focus onto a specific issue 

  • Narrowed focus helps with issue resolution

  • The root cause of the problem can be identified 

  • In hypnosis, clients are aware of what is going on in their surroundings

  • Clients hear what is being said and accept suggestions they are aligned with 

  • There are three different levels of hypnosis – light, medium, deep



  • Is a supplementary therapeutic approach used in conjunction with other therapies and treatments

  • Hypnotherapy can be used as a stand-alone therapy when working with certain issues

  • In hypnosis a variety of hypnotherapeutic approaches and elements of other therapeutic approaches are utilised (elements of NLP, CBT, psychodrama etc.)

  • Hypnotherapy can be used to enhance performance; focus, concentration, interview skills, sport performance etc.

  • Hypnotherapy can help to resolve issues that are  

  1. Emotional

  2. Psychological

  3. Physical

  4. Spiritual 


  • Is a natural state in-between wakefulness and being asleep

  • We all experience hypnosis multiple times a day

  • Autopilot hypnosis – happens when our procedural memory centre takes over and we act on autopilot. In autopilot hypnosis we might not consciously remember how we did something, i.e highway hypnosis 

  • Therapeutic hypnosis is evoked by a hypnotherapist through a process inducing deep relaxation 




  • Assists clients in setting the SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound

  • Guides clients into hypnosis

  • Facilitates communication between the client and the client’s unconscious mind

  • Guides client in issue resolution 

  • Supports clients commitment in achieving the set goal


  • A conscious human being, working with their consciousness 

  • An active agent in the process of change

  • A goal/intention setter

  • Committed and dedicated to exploring possibilities 


Hypnotherapy utilises goal setting. When you are aware

         of the direction it is easier to stay on track.

About The Process

  1. Phone call or online enquiry discussion. FREE

  2. First session -  Detailed case history - Problem identification - Therapeutic goal setting - Hypnotherapeutic foundation laying in hypnosis - strengthening your conception of the Self

  3. Second session onwards - more Hypnotherapeutic foundation laying - or start of process of change 

  4. Third session onwards - establishing change. Number of sessions are case/issue dependent 

  5. Last session for every issue - closure session 

Mindcraft Hypnotherapy offers clients

  • Non judgmental listening space

  • Conversational techniques that stimulate gaining insights even outside of hypnosis work

  • Relaxation techniques that stimulate rest and digest nervous system, helping clients to move away from stress zone and to more balanced state

  • Identification of aspects connected to client’s issue

  • Hypnotherapeutic approaches that help clients to

    • find resolution to their conflicting or limiting beliefs

    • overcome mental and emotional blocks

    • implement more beneficial patterns of behaviors

    • increase the sense of self acceptance, self love and self esteem

    • set suitable goals

    • reach the set goals


Gaining an understanding changes our perception and the way we feel.

Clients Feedback 

A.C. 30s

As a working mother who has struggled to find balance between the demands of work and personal life, I started my hypnotherpay journey to seek relief from stress and find path towards equalibrium. My experience was nothing short of transformative. Under the guidence of Marta , I delved into a state of deep relaxation, where the subconscious mind became receptive to positive suggestions and afirmations. Through sessions tailored to my specific needs, I uncovered underlying sources of stress and learned powerful techniques to manage them effectively As the sessions progressed I noticed significant improvement in my ability to handle stressors at work and maintain a healthy work-life balance . I became more adept at setting boundaries, prioritizing tasks, and carving out time for self care and relaxation. The once overwhelming demandds of my career no longer hold power over my wellbeing.

A.G. 50s

I have been seeing Marta for the past one year for my occasional anxiety issues, which in return affects my sleep. At first I came for hypnotherapy sessions and now I have occasional discussion session as and when situation demands. Marta helps me by listening to my problems and asking questions after. Her questions are designed to help me consider my other options, or to see my 'problems' from a different perspective. Apart from our discussion sessions, she has thought me some simple breathing exercises which I use regularly. Another exercise is the gratitude practice. This exercise helps me shift my focus from a challenging situation to a positive experience. I find this task very meaningful. These sessions have helped me deal with my everyday situations in a more constructive and optimistic manner. Appreciate your professional assistance, Marta!

A.J. 40s

"I did exprience for a while long lasting sleep problems that brought me to test hypnotherapy. At that point I could stay up for hours without sleeping during the night and this situation was impacting me a lot at personal level and the professional level. I did hear for the first time from Marta that hypnotherpay could help with this and I was willing to try. I did test more out of curiosity and because nothing else was working. I still remember this sessions it was a very relaxing moment for me. The connection with Marta was great and Marta was able to give me very key recomendadtions. The impact has been tremendous as I do not have the sleeping issues anymore. I have included recomendations Marta gave me in my daily routine. Marta has been very impacful! Thanks a lot Marta.

M. P. 11y

I wasn't playing football as well as I usually do so me and my mother talked about it and decided to try hypnptherapy. I found that after few sessions my football improved so I decided to keep doing it. She is a really nice therapist and has helped me a lot with my football.

   A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 
                               Chinese Proverb

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